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Stop Asking For Permission: A Storytelling Workshop with Christina Blacken [MEMBERS ONLY]

Christina Blacken is a strategist, storyteller and founder of, and she’s leading us in a creative storytelling workshop on Sunday, February 10 at 3:00 PM ET via Zoom.

STOP ASKING FOR PERMISSION: HOW TO GAIN UNWAVERING CONFIDENCE IN SHARING YOUR STORY + MOVING THE WORLD will show us how to change the narrative and stories around our abilities and work so that we can 10x our confidence and become successful at anything.

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR anyone struggling with imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and risk-taking when sharing their vision and work, including:

+ Leaders and managers
+ Creatives
+ Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs
+ Sales people
+ Marketers


+ How beliefs affect output and how to identify their own limiting beliefs when it comes to their work

+ How to shift their inner fear/imposter narratives to have unquestioning confidence when pitching their ideas to potential partners, clients, funders and more

+ How to clarify their message or vision to build conviction in their work

+ How to build persuasive messages about their work in authentic and impactful ways

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