we’re here
to connect
dope women
to each other.

Why does The Well exist? Because Black women crave community at work:

  • We’re underrepresented in the workplace

  • We’re undervalued as entrepreneurs

  • We’re underpaid as artists, freelancers + creatives

Let’s face it: it’s hard to network when you’re “the only one” in the office, in your department, on your team, or in leadership at your organization.

And even though more Black women are starting businesses than ever before, being an entrepreneur is isolating and overwhelming. Plus it’s also really difficult for Black women to gain access to the resources we need to scale and grow our companies.

That’s why The Well exists.

The Well creates space for Black women creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals in the workplace to
connect + collaborate with a supportive, global community of #DopeWomenDoingDopeThings so we can all thrive at work.

Our TRIBE is a supportive network of women who believe in #CollaborationOverCompetition. Here you can share resources, ask questions, provide expertise, meet mentors and advisors, and become part of a community that wants to see all of us win.


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